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Micailah Enterprises was founded in 2012 by the parents of a sixteen year old Micailah Lockhart (aka Meecah) in efforts to maintain the business of show. 

In 2020 the organization rebranded as a production company whose sole purpose is to create artistic content, and connect high profile jobs with up and coming creators in the entertainment industry.

With only a year in the making we have successfully held masterclasses, interviews, and major production shoots where the gap could be bridged between seasoned veterans and budding creators.

...And we're just getting started!


Over the course of 2020 -- and beyond-- MELLC has held masterclasses with the Kennedy Center, Arts Schools, and several Theatre Programs across the country. 


We work tirelessly around the clock searching for opportunities to connect any artists that include but are not limited to:

- Video Production

- Performing Arts

- Stage Management

- Makeup/ Costume Design



 In 2004 West Palm Beach, young Jadè (Amani Geffrard) is only eight years old when her Bahamian father (Dondre Tuck) is murdered right before her eyes. Several years later a now grown and determined Jadè (Meecah) executes her plan to destroy the chain of command responsible for her father's death, not knowing what unimaginable horror is waiting for her at the top.


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